How to buy basic labequpment in Germany without creditcard

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How to buy basic labequpment in Germany without creditcard

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It's silly but I can't buy very basic lab equipment. In the case of Amazon you have to pay with a creditcard and because the highest educated chemists have to work in the black market as they took our R&D jobs (permanent position) off: the politics of America.

btw: I only have cash and a bank account (IBAN/BIC) as a men must eat!

Other companies require PayPall and in Belgium the first thing is to fill in your Visa card: no option. Other companies have almost nothing in stock so my question is where and how can I buy all the BASIC lab equipment below ?

What I need is:

- 5x Distillation thermometer (bis 150°C-200°C)
- Vollpipete 10mL Grade A (oder B)
- Pasteurpipette
- Neodymium or a similar magnete
- Simple manometer for Vacuumdistillation (the good old classic and cheap U form) or something similar but cheap

My free opinion:
Hopefully, the politics will change... it seems they are too scared from Donald Trump.. I even may have te strongest poison in my homelab but a simple molecule not to protect their own US based Big Pharma Industry.

Are there any questions about the main content ? just ask..
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I think in the 2020's it is difficult to participate in the economic life without having any means of modern electronic payment.
You can also open a paypal account without a credit card and "charge" it by transferring money from your bank account, if that helps.
You might ask the lab equipment suppliers if they accept bank transfer in advance (I guess most will happily accept this as it saves them transaction fees). Just write them an email. Some shops even require this, just search.
Other than this your only way to buy something in cash is to look for a shop which is not too far away from your home and driver there personally...

good luck.

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If you want to buy on e-bay, look in the payment options for (active) bank transfer. There are a lot seller accepting this option. This option is NOT coverd by the e-bay/paypal "money-back-option" if the transaction fails.